Fairway Productions, incorporated in 1982, is a small and independent video production company located in New Jersey. Bob Findlay, its founder, is committed to providing the finest in quality and customer service. Fairway is the kind of company that goes the extra mile to make sure each job is done right.

Many people associate Fairway Productions with the well-known car show party known as Lead East, held annually in Parsippany, New Jersey. For twelve years Fairway produced the videos of this fabulous Fifties custom car event, "The World's Biggest 50's Party." The Lead East videos, along with "The Flamethrowers" and "Burnout Zone," are available through mail order on this web site.

Since its inception, Fairway Productions has also created videos in the following fields: industrial, corporate, tribute, market research, documentary, educational, and the arts. Projects have been as varied as working primary camera for an all-day taping of the Dali Lama to shooting an all-night reggae concert in the Caribbean. Fairway footage has been seen on NBC and ABC.

However, much of Fairway's most satisfying work has been for small companies and organizations, clients who are pleased that there is a production company so genuinely committed to becoming a part of their team for the duration of the project. Fairway has a vested interest in the production being successful for their clients. It's called pride. And integrity.

Since April of 2004, select music CDs have become available through Fairway's mail order department. The inspiration behind this new venture is the talent of vocalist Jan Findlay, as heard on her premier jazz CD, "Old Devil Moon." Jay D'Amico, Jan's piano accompanist and arranger, has recorded four jazz CDs. These five CDs represent the beginning phase of this endeavor. Purchasers are encouraged to email us with their opinions of the CDs, many of which will be quoted on the site to help others make their purchasing decisions.

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