The Fabulous 50's
"The Fabulous 50's"
Lead East ‘03
Available in VHS and DVD
One hour, forty minutes

Roy Powless (WI) ‘48 Chevy Stylemaster
*Bob Barkoff (NJ) ‘51 Merc
Jerry Brophy (NJ) ‘50 Ford
*Joe Iannone (NY) ‘50 Merc
Terry O'Brien (NY) Cruising in her T-Bird
Herb Foley (FL) ‘51 Ford convertible
Jerry (NJ) ‘32 Ford Roadster
Debbie Clark (NJ) ‘32 Ford Roadster
Ramsey Mosher (DE) ‘54 Chevy
Vicki Budzinski (NJ) ‘30 Ford coupe
*Al LeGrow (NY) ‘31 Double A dump truck
Dennis Manfredo ‘49 Merc

Rick Bell (MA) ‘72 Cadillac Coupe de Ville
Brian Rota (MA) ‘55 Chevy BelAir
Dan Kozak (PA) ‘50 Ford club coupe
Angelo Nardone (NJ) ‘50 Merc convertible
Bill Dugan (OH) ‘50 Merc convertible
Joe Bosco (NY) ‘50 Olds Holiday Coupe
John Booster (NJ) ‘49 Ford 2-Door Sedan
Dan Czochara (MA) ‘39 Lincoln Zephyr (Deco Rides)
Vince Ciganik (PA) ‘54 Ford convertible
Bill Elson (NY) ‘48 Olds convertible
Nick Agresta (NJ) ‘49 Olds 88 fastback
Jim Trocchia (NJ) ‘55 Chevy 210 DelRay
Pamela Hewett (NY) ‘63 Buick Riviera
Tom Hewett (NY) ‘53 Buick Special
Slim Gellings (NJ) ‘46 Plymouth convertible
Wayne Richards (PA) ‘50 Olds 2-door fastback
Mike Costa (PA) ‘48 Chevy (Kenny Youngblood Award)
Frank Virgilio (MA) ‘50 Merc coupe (Rick Dore Award)
Pepe (NJ) Les Dunham's ‘71 Corvorado (Best Pimpmobile)
Fred Morrison (ME) ‘37 Chevy Roadster (Best Street Rod)
Tommy Midolo (NY) ‘59 Cadillac El Dorado (Best Stock Restored)

The Razorbacks, Filthy Rich & The Poor Boys, and The Rock and Roll Relics pace the action with their music..."Wolfman" Jerry Burst handles the parking lot DJ booth... Becky Robinson wins the muffler rap contest... The Golden Gup & The Rythmhancers get the crowd dancing during the ever-popular Saturday night festivities...Car builder Bobby Simpson is interviewed....Take a ride in one of the futuristic cars from Woody Allen's "Sleeper...The Weirdest Car contest gets appropriate winners...Jimmy Trocchia is the on-camera interview host...The Powless entry in the Friday afternoon cruise features a Ralph & Alice Kramden skit...The Sunday night parking lot crowd parties on....Bob Ellison hosts the Prom... And plenty of great cars cruise day and night.
The Fabulous 50's DVD