Memory Boulevard
"Memory Boulevard"
Lead East ‘04
Available in VHS & DVD
One hour, forty minutes

* Al Bailey (SC) ‘56 Merc convertible
* Donato Fraioli (NY) ‘47 Buick Roadmaster
Al Baker (NY) ‘55 Chevy pickup
Ryan for Picket Russell's (NJ) ‘61 Corvette
* Sylvia Venuti (MA) ‘72 Riviera
* Frank Logioco (NJ) ‘60 Cadillac El Dorado
Larry Hogan (NJ) ‘73 Corvorado
Jim Trocchia (NJ) ‘55 Chevy
**Bob Nosti (NJ) ‘47 Ford pickup

* Award winner
**Best Truck Award

Tommy Midolo (NY) ‘50 Merc 2-door
Emil Micario (NJ) ‘51 Ford 2-door Sedan
Tom Clancy (MA) ‘50 Merc woody
Johnny DeWare (RI) ‘59 Chevy El Camino
Bill Dugan (OH) ‘51 Ford convertible
Jim Salerno (NJ) ‘50 Merc 2-door
Rene DeJames (PA) ‘48 Chevy Fleetline
Lou Calasibetta (NJ) ‘58 Pontiac Bonneville wagon
Bugsy Romaniello (CT) ‘51 Merc 2-door hardtop
Chuck Battersby (NJ) ‘54 Chevy Corvette
John D'Angelo (NJ) ‘58 Lincoln Capri
Larry Simonutti (NJ) ‘59 Chevy
Roy Powless (WI) ‘48 Chevy Stylemaster
Rich Mushenski (NJ) ‘57 Olds 88
Sam Magerino (NJ) ‘37 Ford Cabriolet (Best Street Rod)
Peter Collins (NY) ‘28 Ford Roadster (Rat Rod Award)
Christine Dressler (NJ) ‘56 Chrysler New Yorker (Best Stock Restored)
Frankie C. (PA) ‘38 Ford DeLuxe (Bo Huff Award)
Tony Cicchi (OH) ‘42 Hudson convertible (Susan Dore Award)
Wayne Richards (PA) ‘50 Olds fastback (Rick Dore Award)

    The featured song is considered by many to be the unofficial theme song of Lead East: "50's Come Alive," sung by the talented and popular Joel Katz...Filthy Rich & the Poor Boys and The Razorbacks are again featured musicians in the video...John Zacherley returns to Lead East as a featured guest...Check out the luau lunacy...Many of the 118 registered ‘49-51 Mercs participate in a special cruise...The late bluesman Harry Hess, a fan favorite of Lead Easters, is featured on the soundtrack...The Golden Gup's late night street party is visited...As always, plenty of cars, day and night...Many state that "Memory Boulevard" edges "The Fabulous 50's" as arguably the best Lead East video made by Fairway Productions.    
Memory Boulevard DVD