Lead East XX

"Lead East XX"
Lead East ‘02
Available on VHS and DVD
Two hours

Lead East invited several popular award winners from prior years to be part of the 20th anniversary celebration.

Ted Thomas (NC) ‘50 Ford 2-door sedan ("The Golden Ruby")
Harvey Bagshaw (NY) ‘56 Chevy
Dave Titus (DE) ‘48 Chevy convertible
Charlie Penney (NY) ‘56 Chevy
Tom Clancy (MA) ‘56 Ford convertible
Sonny Venuti (MA) ‘50 Merc
David James (PA) ‘56 Chevy
Bob Smith (NJ) ‘40 Ford Custom Coupe
Bill Hirth (PA) ‘50 Ford Club Coupe
Ed Silinsky (NY) ‘51 Merc
Tom Culbertson (IN) ‘49 Ford
Lou Calasibetta (NJ) ‘49 Merc convertible

Pete Coleman (NY) ‘54 Lincoln Capri
Tom Tammaro (PA) ‘52 Chevy hardtop
Bob Bosco (NY) ‘51 Ford convertible
Al Twist (NJ) ‘50 Chevy Club Coupe
Louis Nichols (FL) ‘59 Dodge Wagon
Bill Wagner (NJ) ‘49 Merc 2-door coupe
Elwood Dapp (PA) ‘62 Chrysler Newport
Dennis Rodman (KY) ‘51 Ford Victoria hardtop
Charlie Brammer (NJ) ‘63 Buick Riviera
Eddie Edwards (NJ) ‘41 Ford coupe
Marvin Hampshire (IN) ‘55 Ford Fairlane Victoria
Joe Santell (PA) ‘50 Chevy 2-door sedan
Joseph Vettorino (NY) ‘51 Ford Victoria
Robert Lukacs (PA) ‘53 Ford Victoria
Jim Gordon (TX) ‘50 Ford business coupe

Interviews with car owners:
Walt & Mickey Poland (NJ) ‘50 Merc
Bob Oppici (NY) ‘55 Merc Montclair
George Cappozalo (NY) ‘36 Ford convertible


Special guest Zacherley talks twice to the audiences and cruises with the Golden Gup in the Jukemobile. Andy Gleiss wins the spirited muffler rap contest. Roz Culbertson is selected the prom queen. "Wolfman" Jerry Burst entertains under his tent in a downpour. The pinstripers hold another successful charity auction of their artwork.

Meet dozens of people, including Jim Mitcheson, Bob Emory, "Doo Wop" Dave Wallum, Dave Rogers, Rob Bundy, Kat Bunker, Tom Jabaut, and Maria Van Harken. A New York fireman effectively relays the 9/11 message that we should "never forget."

Rain or shine, there's always something to do at Lead East. Because of the rain, there was little cruising during the daytime. Fairway Productions took that opportunity to visit some seminars: how to dress Fifties, how to jitterbug, how to sing doo wop, and how to protect your right to keep your car on the road.

The video's emphasis had to be shifted because of the weather. There simply was not much daytime cruising; the cars were under tarps and the people under umbrellas. Some of the Awards presentation was actually shot in the rain. So, some viewers will correctly note a scarcity of daytime cruising and car/owner interviews.

So, be forewarned. If you buy a video strictly to see beautiful custom cars in the sunshine, this video is not for you. If you want to meet some good people, hear some interesting perspectives about Fifties lifestyle, see some great night cruising. and experience what else Lead East has to offer that generally is not included in the show video, you're likely to enjoy this two-hour video.
And, note that this video/dvd has a discounted price.

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