The emergence of digital video has had a profound effect on all genres of filmmaking, but none more than documentaries. What used to be the sole domain of larger and seasoned production companies with inside tracks to PBS funding is now being shared with "digitized" independents who have an idea, passion, talent, and moderate funding,

The making of documentary films is a common goal of the serious filmmaker. From the beginning it has been a personal aspiration to utilize my talents to create a film that tells an important story, in some way fulfilling the idealistic dream so many of us have: to change the world for the better. A documentary, by my definition, has as an objective to climb into the hearts and the minds of the viewers through an effective combination of education, entertainment, passion, and truth.

If you have:

A desire to create a documentary
A source for some funding
An ardent belief in the worth of the project
A desire to partner with a video professional...

Contact me to arrange a meeting.

What follows is an abridged edition of "118 Division Street" in two parts.
The work of the St. Joseph Social Service Center and The Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless.


Part 1

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Part 2

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