We all need a little spark in our lives.
Billy Ross
Joe Carloni
Jimbo McLaughlin
Mark Cole
John Mueller

If you've seen flamethrowing, the act of blowing fire through a car's exhaust pipes, you know the excitement of flames lighting up the sky. "The Flamethrowers" is a must for you. If you've never experienced this outrageous activity, here's your chance. "The Flamethrowers" contains some of "the best big flames on film."

Flamethrowing began in the Fifties with a choke technique that shot flames about two to three feet in length. In the mid-90's the popularity of "lighting it up" grew as the flames increased in length through the development of injection systems. Intrigued by the huge flames and the men who shot it, Fairway followed some of these flamethrowing pioneers through five states, capturing footage at events big and small. Not only is there footage from the mega-shows such as the Summer Nationals and Lead East, but also of a local car club shooting small flames at a Burger King. What a flame-broiled delight! (55 Minutes. VHS & DVD)

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The Flamethrowers DVD
The five men who we consider to be "pioneers of modern flamethrowing," all of whom are interviewed at length, are...
Billy "Fireball" Ross
Joe "The Fonz" Carloni
Jimbo McLaughlin
"The Jersey Torch"
Mark "Pyro" Cole
John Mueller
"Ole Red"
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Q. Does "The Flamethrowers" offer any instructions on how to hook up a flamethrowing system?
A. No. Our intention was to share the excitement that those watching flamethrowing enjoy and
to introduce you to those who blow fire. Most of the pioneers make a point of emphasizing the
dangers of their sport and emphatically suggest that those who wish to begin shooting flames
seek out the assistance of a knowledgeable flamethrower and do a lot of research to make sure
that everything is safe.
Q. I've seen flamethrowing on other videos and it looks all washed out. Is it washed out on your production?
A. No. It did take quite a bit of time and experimentation to avoid this common problem, however.
Q. Is there flamethrowing by people other than the five pioneers in "The Flamethrowers"?

A. Yes, quite a bit, including some by "Wild Bill" Keller, Brian Ross, Jim Farrell, Sr., Jim
Farrell, Jr., Charlie Conte, "Animal" Sabo, Bill Pruchnik, and many others.


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