Industrial Video

An industrial project by Fairway Productions offers almost everything that the larger production companies offer through the three phases of production work.

Thorough planning throughout the critical pre-production stage. Fairway understands the need for the objectives, approach, audience, length, and overall philosophy to be clearly established before the scripts are created. We are experienced in partnering with our clients to reach the project's goals initially on paper, provide advice based on our experience, and prepare for all services required for a successful production. It should be added that we are as willing to partner in a client's first video production as we would be the hundredth.

Production that is professional in ability and approach. We are dedicated to creating the best possible product, as there is no compromising in a sincere commitment to quality. We are a small, but proud company that has superior digital equipment, experience and expertise that is worthy of your confidence.

High-quality post-production facility. Fairway Productions has the highly regarded Leitch Velocity editing system, an outstanding tool for Fairway's meticulous editor. Upon completion of the project, Velocity is able to provide high-quality media selections in a variety of formats.

We stated earlier that Fairway Productions offers almost everything that the larger companies offer. Our niche in the production marketplace is largely created by excluding select services that we are only occasionally asked to perform. For example, we normally do not do chroma-keying, extensive animation, high definition, or productions with several cameras. It's not a matter of not wanting to extend beyond our comfort zone; and it's certainly not because we wouldn't like to fill our shelves with new toys. We have made a conscious business decision to keep our expenses down so that we don't have to have our clients essentially paying for what they may not need. Low overhead and professionalism translates into outstanding value. And particularly in today's economic climate that's a major attraction.

We invite you to contact us for an informal meeting to discuss any project you may have in mind. Afterward we will give a straightforward, honest opinion as to whether or not you should contract Fairway Productions.