You've seen the dizzying camera shots darting from one side of the table to the other.
You've winced at that key moment when the respondent is out of focus.
And you've suffered the effects of shaky camera syndrome.
And you've NOT heard the words the clients had waited all night to hear.

"Anyone can shoot a focus group." I've never understood that thinking. Frankly, focus group shooting is too often inferior in quality, likely the result of farming out jobs to unskilled novices or disinterested "professionals." From my first experience I realized that it took acute concentration and anticipation skills to do the job right. And it takes a dedicated and skillful professional to do justice to what is in actuality a very challenging shoot. Granted, no unscripted event can ever be videotaped perfectly. But, surely the market research clients deserve a product that is truly professional.

What I bring to the table:

Focus Group Experience – Over the years I have served as camera operator for several hundred focus groups, beginning in 1991. For many of these shoots I was sub-contracted by a company that had specialized in videotaping at various North Jersey market research facilities. Then Fairway Productions began shooting its own focus groups for a pharmaceutical firm–on either side of the glass. In every instance I applied the full expertise that has developed since setting up my own company in 1982.

Professional Approach – I have a complete understanding and appreciation of the market research culture. My role is to arrive early in business casual attire, set up my professional equipment, videotape the proceedings with my best effort, and turn in the media. You can depend on my being accommodating, courteous, and discreet with all clients.

Outstanding Equipment – Fairway uses a high-grade professional 3-chip digital camera that provides a superior picture in high resolution. We never bring a cheap camera; we don't own any.


Non-Linear Editing --Fairway Productions has a complete non-linear editing facility that can fulfill a wide variety of editing, duplication, and transfer needs. In emergency situations we have worked through the night to accommodate the needs of clients.

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