Fairway Productions is uniquely suited for producing training films. Clients obtain an excellent product, the result of Fairway's experience, expertise, and outstanding digital equipment. But there is another reason that Fairway is a particularly good fit for training films: a dedication to fair pricing.

There are many varieties of training films. Some may be required by insurance or governmental agencies for all employees to see. Others are created specifically to train employees in how to perform various aspects of their duties. Videos guarantee that all trainees receive the same important information in a thorough and consistent manner. The hours that trainers and trainees dedicate to the educational process may likely be reduced by use of the video, resulting in the real possibility that the cost of the production pays for itself.

It's my contention that many production companies oversell training films and make them far more expensive than they need to be. To use a familiar saying, "You don't have to make a big production of it." If the production companies have expensive equipment and several employees, they want to use them to meet their overhead and quickly move onto the next job. For a training film you simply don't need a $75,000 Ikagami camera, a production truck filled with dollies, gibs and other "gee whiz" gadgets, and a large crew. Unless the clients are looking more closely at potential awards than functionality, this extravagance is simply a waste.

My professional niche is clear. For training films I usually come in with an assistant, an outstanding three-chip digital camera, and five bags of lighting, sound and miscellaneous necessities. The result obtained after meticulous editing is a clear, clean and well-paced product on the format(s) of the client's choosing. What's sacrificed? Only extraneous glitz...and a huge invoice.

Fairway defies the concept of "getting what you pay for." From the extensive pre-production preparation meetings through the completion of the delivery format, Fairway pays extreme attention to detail in order to satisfy the client. We guarantee it.