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Memory Boulevard

"Just finished watching 'Memory Boulevard' and all I can say is WOW! 5 Stars. You've managed to capture all the great cars and the happy faces of those of us who were fortunate to have grown up in that magical time called the fabulous 50's. You can be sure that I'll be sharing your video artistry with my family and friends, especially during this winter as we look forward to summer sunshine, old cars, great music and a few precious days to be '17' again. Bob Hope said it best. 'Thanks for the Memories.' " F.L., West Milford, NJ

"I got the '04 DVD today and it is great! I loved it. Well done." G.B., Marlton, NJ

"I viewed the video and, SPECTACULAR. AS USUAL! You and your company are true professionals. This past year was my second year at Lead East. The second of many! Whenever I get the winter blues here in Rhode Island, I just pop in one or both of the videos and relive the two greatest vacations I have been on. I truly mean that!
In the past two years I have met so many great people and have so many fond memories of everybody and everything. I feel honored that "Big Boy" made the video. I can honestly say that I have more fun playing the part than many people may realize. Besides, I show all of my friends back home and they just shake their heads in disbelief.
In closing, I just want to say great job. Lead East faithfuls, I personally witnessed the time and effort that was put into the 2004 video. If you don't have one, get it! As a matter of fact, get them all. It's the only way we can keep Memory Boulevard open!
" P.R., East Providence, RI

"Thanks again for such a fun video!" J.L., Bridgewater, NJ

"Best video you guys ever did. It is outstanding. Very well balanced. It truly gives you the feeling that you're at the event. I have tons of tapes, but yours are the models of how event tapes should be. I'm thrilled with 'Memory Boulevard'." N.D., Olean, NY

"You do great work!" R.L., Nashville, TN

Thanks for all your support through the years.


"Thanks for the GREAT Lead East videos for the last dozen years. You truly captured the spirit and the essence of these events and it will be difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to fill your shoes.
I look forward to ordering and receiving your Memory Boulevard tape and cherishing it with ALL the other memorable works you have produced.
Like the Fonz, you are truly one-of-a-kind!!!!!! " J.P.M., Morris Plains, NJ

"I was very sad to read that you were retiring from doing Lead East videos. Good luck in all your future endeavors." M.R., Acushnet, MA

"We sure appreciate all your good work. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I think you folks have given the sport quite a lot and for that, I thank you." A.T., Fort Mohave, AZ

"Thanks for your help over the years and your devotion to Lead East. Best of Luck." A & G., Clark, NJ

"Sorry to hear that Fairway Productions will no longer be offering the Lead East videos for future years. Your work was indeed top notch." D.W., Sheboygan, WI

"I enjoyed watching it ("Memory Boulevard") as much as I've enjoyed the other Lead East tapes I have." R.C., Staten Island, NY

"Thank you for being our Lead East video man for all these years." T.F., Seaford, NY

"Sorry to hear this is the final one as we always enjoy them. Thanks and good luck! Will miss your videos." R.K., Sedalia, MO

"Thank you for many wonderful years of Lead East." W.B., Spencer, MA

"It's not every day you get to talk to a famous movie producer! You're right up there with "Star Wars" and "Titanic." After talking to you I was so happy I kissed my wife on the lips. I think she smiled." R.T., Cumberland, RI

 "We will miss the great job you have done over the years with all your videos."
R.S., West Warwick, RI

"Thanks for being so kind and always doing a great job every year!" P.D., Madison, NJ

"Sorry to read that this will be your last Lead East. Thanks for a job VERY WELL DONE."
D.B. Jacksonville, AZ

Lead East Videos
Viewer Opinions

The following quotes are from viewers who have written us about their reactions to Lead East videos. They are in random order, and include only a portion of the quotes we could have included.

"I just wanted to write to say how much I loved your video of Lead East ‘93. I ordered the ‘94, too. Your staff is excellent. I hope you always cover this event." J.L., Howard Beach, NY

"Don't stop the creative juices from flowing. I've watched "Lead" several times when I'm on the road and it's a postcard from home." D.D., Wanaque, NJ

"We have both of the ‘93 tapes and I've watched them both 5 times. Outstanding. Seeing a tape is one thing, but the sound of customs going by makes your tapes the best over all we've seen." B.C., Tinley Park, IL

"We just wanted to tell you that you do a great job capturing the event! Both the 1993 and 1994 videos are extremely professional and enjoyable to view. We particularly like the way you incorporated the Joel Katz & Twilight song "Back in the 50's" in the ‘94 video! It is a wonderful song which summarizes the feelings of the patrons of Lead East. You were able to capture the spirit and the high points of the weekend with the images you set to this music. Great job! We look forward to attending 1995 Lead East and to seeing your next video." D.L., Germantown, MD

"The videos are the life of the party here in K.C." S.S., Kansas City, MO

"Thank you...for producing truly one of the best ROD tapes I have ever seen." J.R.H., Bergenfield, NJ

"I just received the two videos ordered from the 1993 Lead East Weekend–the Event Video and 1949-1951 Shoebox Fords and Mercs. The quality, content and audio are excellent. They are first-rate videos and welcome additions to my personal collection. Thanks for a great job. I look forward to attending next year's event and purchasing your great tapes!" J.P.M., New Rochelle, NY

"My hat's off to you and everyone at Fairway Productions for the "GREAT" job you performed on putting together the LEAD EAST 94 video. If the whole weekend activities could have been compressed into one hour, then this video is certainly the proof. One terrific production job. You should be very proud of your work." M.R., Phillipsburg, NJ

"The metallic Green was vivid and not washed-out like some other footage I've seen. Very well done. During the whole film I was treated to power aerials sliding down into cool fender recesses, "Marque" ornamentation, air brushing scenes, and the detail on the glass engraving was epic!! You get high marks for these little "goodies." Of note: the scene with the man and his wife cruising in the ‘59 Ford Sunliner with the great "rug" music was a total hook to all our sensitivities to the ‘50's." D.D., Mesa, AZ

"Parties are never dull with these tapes. A class act." D.W., Derby NY

"I have received your videos on Lead East and have already watched them several times. Just a word to tell you that they are great! When we look at these cars we feel like being there, in USA and we can come later at this event." F.T. Barangeon, France

"Thank you so much for your fast response. Since moving to Florida the only thing we miss about the north is going to Lead East every year. Your video keeps us connected in a way...We order one every year and love them."
L.R. Spring Hill, FL

"Lead East 2003 Video is great. Will need more. How can I order?"
D.M., Miller Place, NY

"Got the 2003 Lead East DVD today. My wife and I enjoyed playing it tonight. It's a great DVD." F.P., Piqua, OH

"You guys put out the best show videos of any that I have seen."
L.C., Toledo, OH

"Got my tape today. Love the cover. I feel that your work is most important to document our enjoyment. Just to know that we might be in the video is exciting. We have seen ourselves in many during the last ten years. It reminds me of American Bandstand when the couples were on camera for the viewing audience. Your filming seems to add to the importance of the event."
D.F., Smyrna, GA

"I enjoyed your 1998 video of Lead East–"Jukebox Drive." Seriously thought it was the best yet. I always have a tear in my eye because the 50's are over and your video ended much too soon." R.J.M. Hampton, VA

"Thanks for another great video. You guys never fail to capture the real spirit of the event." R.H., Groton, MA

"We love the videos and love giving them to our "cruizin" friends. Always a nice evening getaway." A.T., Seattle, WA

"Once again you have put it all together in a great video. I am putting an order together for some more of them for some friends in Seattle. We are trying to get a group of friends together to travel Route 66, then head over to Lead East. What a great show and even when we are not able to be there you make us feel what a great event it is." A&A.T., Fort Mohave, AZ

"They just keep getting better each year." D.B., Lubbock, TX

"Thank you for your quick response on sending me a new form for the ‘96 video. It was a pleasure speaking to you. You made it seem personal, not just business. That's appreciated very much." F.B., Old Bridge, NJ

"Short note to tell you your last Lead East tape was really kool." Best one yet." S.H., Burnsville, MN

"Now I have ALL the videos—They're great!" R.F. J. Clark, NJ

"Long live Lead East and Fairway Productions." J.D., Elmhurst, IL

"Keep up all the GREAT work, Bob. I really enjoy them." J.W.H., Alden, NY

"This year's was great, so send me more." L.A., Tyler, TX

"The video's great! Thanx again." M.J., Seaford, DE

"I love the films. I've watched them each 100 times or more."
C.R., Oak Hill, WV

"I am going to have you send it to my work address. I am going to surprise my dad with it on his birthday." J.H., Rolla, MO

"I love the Lead East event. I have never been to one but have all your tapes. I will get there, perhaps this year." R.D., Scarborough, ME

"Again thanks, and we have enjoyed every tape you've sent to us. Hopefully next year we will order every tape on your list." A&J.B., Shreveport, LA

"I am enclosing payment for the first video sold of this year's Lead East. I am positive it will be an Oscar winning video." R.M., Hampton, VA

"We can't wait to add these to our collection. Let us know if you have any others." P.R., Monterey, IN

"Your company has produced a tape better than companies in the past. I always take my video camera, but it's nice to know our wild and wonderful weekend is captured by you." K.H., Enola, PA

 "Just received 2001 Wild Weekend--it was great! R.F., Clark, NJ

"Nice talking to you once again. I am enjoying your videos very much." D.D., Ontario, Canada

"The Lead East tape is fabulous. Great job." J.U., Bradley Beach, NJ

"The video's great!" M.K., Seaford, DE

"Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list. We really enjoy your tapes of Lead East. We like the way you show new cars each year." B.C., Tinley Park, IL

"I love the films. I really enjoy them and know that they'll be like all the others which I've watched 100 times or more." C.R., Oak Hill, WV

"We have enjoyed every tape you've sent to us. Hopefully next year we will order every tape on your list. Again, thank you. J&A.B., Shreveport, LA

"I got the video about a week ago and have watched it 2X already. I think it's great." W.L.,Calverton, NY

"The production of the videos are of very high quality. Keep up the excellent work. J.D., Elmhurst, IL

"Keep up all the GREAT work on the videos, Bob, I really enjoy them." J.H., Alden, NY

"You do great work." R.L., Nashville, TN

"Can't thank you enough. We really loved the videos." J&R.M., Whippany, NJ

"Thank you so much for capturing the memories of this spectacular event and also for your memorial tribute to my friend, Joe Carloni, a true Lead East legend who will be missed by many people." (1999 video) J.P.M., Mount Vernon, NY

"Terrific job!" R.H., Selden, NY

"Thank you for the great videos. I've enjoyed all of them. My wife and I are hoping to open a Fifties store and we would sure like to stock these great tapes." K.J., New Port Richey, FL

"Just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you at Lead East'99, and that I enjoy your videos. The work you put into it is excellent. I do want to say you did a FANTASTIC job in the tribute to "The Fonz." The way the people remembered him and the car flaming at the end...very special. Thank you for putting it on tape--a true memory." T.P., Piscataway, NJ

"We enjoy your videos so much." G.S., Grand Island, NE

"I just watched the 2001 "Wild Weekend" tape you sent me. As always, I enjoyed it immensely.
Keep up the good work. Your tapes are great." C.C., Normal, IL

"Your videos are the BEST!!!!" W.W., Stanhope, NJ

"Now I have all the videos--they're great!" R&G.F., Clark, NJ