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Lead East, a hugely successful car show party, was created by Terry Cook about thirty five years ago. The spirit of the Fifties, along with its cars, music, dress, hair and culture, is revived every year in Parsippany, New Jersey. Fairway Productions was entrusted to create the official video for this fun and exciting annual event for twelve years.

The event is held every Labor Day weekend. The party can be re-lived anytime you want, on DVD.


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MEMORY BOULEVARD (Lead East 2004) Take a cruise down Memory Boulevard and enjoy all the beautiful rides. Listen to the tunes that have melodies and heart. Enjoy this video time capsule that brings us back to the uniquely exciting life of the Fifties. This is when cars were lovingly customized to reflect the owners' personality. Cars were far more than a means of transportation--they were, in fact, at the heart of so many lives. Lead East, the World's Biggest 50's Party, returns us to this era's full party mode. And Memory Boulevard faithfully captures the celebration and spirit of Lead East and the Fifties. Cruise with us.
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DVD $12.95 
  "The Fabulous 50's" is the official event video of the 2003 Lead East, "The World's Biggest 50's Party" video. This production is one hour and forty-five minutes of music-driven fun. There's plenty of cruising, night and day, showcasing some outstanding custom cars. There's no shortage of the chopped, nosed, decked, flamed and bagged. There are greaser and bobby soxer contests, sock hop and prom dances, poodle skirts and ponytails, DA's and DJ's, muffler rap and (believe it) dress-up-your-pet-in-50's-style contests. You want live doo-wop, blues, Razorbacks rockabilly? You got it. You want fun? It's here.
Whether you're watching a 9:00 A.M. interview of a proud car owner or a 2:00 A.M. party scene where there's dancing in the parking lot, you'll enjoy this production. It's the next best thing to being at Lead East.
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DVD $12.95
  LEAD EAST XX (Lead East 2002) Celebrating Lead East's 20th anniversary, producer Terry Cook arranged for twenty of the hottest customs in the history of Lead East to be at the party. Daytime rains didn't dampen spirits, but it shifted some emphasis to indoor activities and a larger number of interviews. The night activity, always vibrant at Lead East, was mostly rain-free and very energized. Special guest John Zacherley ("Dinner with Drac") was a huge hit. (2:00)
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DVD $12.95
  WILD WEEKEND (Lead East 2001) The first Lead East video with digital technology, "Wild Weekend" introduces "Filthy Rich & the Poor Boys" and "The Rock n Roll Relics" to the list of bands that entertains Lead East audiences and paces the videos. Builder John D'Agostino is interviewed, the lot is filled with exciting cars, and two Lead Easters get engaged. The weather is good and the crowd is energetic. This production is considered by many as one of the best of the Lead East videos. (1:55) - Click here for more details.
DVD $12.95
  LE 2000 (Lead East 2000) Little Leopold appropriately opens the video singing "Bring It On." Lead East brings on the cars, the music, the fun—non-stop. Paul LaMat of American Graffiti is a popular guest. The Golden Gup, deejay extra ordinaire, introduces his new trio. And a brief shower doesn't stop the Merc/Shoebox Ford parade or slow DJ "Wolfman" Jerry Burst's humorous commentary. A good video. (1:30)
Available now only in VHS. DVD coming soon.
  REMEMBER WHEN (Lead East 1999) Guest car builder Boyd Coddington and Little Isidore & The Inquisitors are among the featured personalities in this Lead East presentation. Actually, this title is two videos in one. The Lead East event video (about 1 hour) is first, followed by a 22- minute tribute to the late Joe "The Fonz" Carloni, a Lead East legend. (1:22)
DVD $12.95
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