For approximately twenty five years the event known as Lead East has been referred to as "The World'sBiggest Fifties Party." The party's host, Terry Cook, has had a lifelong love affair with 50's era custom cars.Over the years he had attended many car shows, both for his own personal enjoyment and in his capacity as editor of some major car publications. As exciting as the cars may have been, Terry felt that much more could be offered to make the car show experience that much more enjoyable.So, when the first Lead East made its debut, the traditional car show concept was radically customized. Not only was there the presence of a large number of 50's era stock and custom cars, there was live and recorded 50's music, people dressed in 50's clothes, hair in era-appropriate styles, talk of a more innocent time, and fun that lasted well into the night. The Fifties culture was resurrected. A Fifties party was born.

And each year Lead East got better. When Fairway Productions' Bob Findlay was offered the opportunity to produce the Lead East videos in 1993, he was very aware that this was a special event that would require a special touch. Before Fairway even came close to aiming a lens at its first custom car or leather jacketed greaser, a list of goals was established that remains valid today.

To capture the spirit and energy of Lead East, an exceptional party atmosphere.
To create a video that would be as interesting to those who weren't in attendance as to those who were.
To shoot upwards of 17 hours a day to capture the best, the most interesting of cars and people, night and day.
To dedicate the time necessary in the editing process to produce a video in which we, and all the people who are in it, could take pride. This averages close to 1000 hours of edit time.
To include "backyard customs" as well the big-buck cars, believing that pride, enjoyment and participation in the sport are the most important elements.
To strike a balance between showing the cars and covering the non-car events, using the music of The Razorbacks and other outstanding groups to pace the action and capture the excitement.